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Your event deserves more than a webinar

Captivate your attendees with an immersive 3D world, allowing them to effortlessly navigate your virtual venue, connect seamlessly with others, and deeply engage with your content.

Your world, with one click

Discover five immersive environments for personalized journeys: alpine lodge, island resort, luxury hotel, conference center, or event facility. Your dream destination is just a click away!

Engaging lifelike visuals

Experience awe-inspiring photo-realism in our virtual event venues. No VR goggles, downloads, or powerful gaming machines required.

Easy access and retention

Each 3D venue offers diverse, lifelike locations for easy access to live streams, meeting links, videos, and PDFs, all complemented by branded signage.

Create meaningful connections

Network with ease

Effortlessly find and connect with others at your event using attendee presence detection and affinity field searching.

Streamline Connections

OmniChatâ„¢ empowers your attendees with impromptu text, voice, or video chats, allowing them to initiate 1:1 or group conversations on the fly; no meeting invites needed.

Manage OmniChatâ„¢ sessions during or after events

Empower your attendees to handle multiple online conversation threads, including saving the chat text, even while keynote or breakout sessions are in progress.

Powerful and easy to use

Create landing pages with ease

Create and modify your event landing pages swiftly with our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor.

Pre-configure for a stress-free launch

Prep, schedule, and test your event elements (landing page, agenda, content, and signage) in advance.

Leverage host event analytics

Discover insights into attendee behaviors and content engagement with our robust analytics engine, revealing trends, patterns, and key moments.

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Mark Yujuico

Senior Product Marketing Manager

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Jody Tatro

Chairwoman of the Board

With over 30 years of industry experience, Jody is the Chairwoman of the Board of XtendLive, driving vision and strategy. Every strategic approach that goes out the door is influenced by Jody’s experience and philosophies on her high standards for client service. Jody is a recipient of the YWCA’s Tribute to Women Award, the Junior League Community Volunteer Award, and is listed in Who’s Who of Women in Business.

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Howard Citron


A product designer at heart, Howard has developed consumer and business products, large scale distributed systems, and software applications. With over 25 years of industry experience, he offers senior executives with innovative solutions to their most vexing software and systems challenges. He assists clients by exploring new market opportunities and acting as an internal venture manager within their organizations.

Robert Cummings

Director Of Technology

Robert is an acute and credible tech professional who helps create an invaluable virtual experience. With over 30 years of high-level tech experience, he has a proficient background in sales, market research, and finance. Robert strives to help clients understand the technology at its fullest aptitude and how it can best create a positive and valuable virtual event experience.

Jack Connolly

Jack Connolly

Chief Executive Officer

As an experiential creative director, Jack prefers to draw outside the lines. He tells stories with original content and impactful design to ignite meaningful conversation.


Jack brings 20 years of event industry knowledge to ProGlobalEvents. He specializes in building live & virtual platforms for audiences to connect, engage and immerse themselves in the power of a shared experience. His skills range from ideation and concept development to defining an attendee journey through storytelling and design.

Jack understands the creative process is not linear, but a collaborative process between agency and client. He manages teams of designers and technology developers to pioneer impactful brand experiences. His diverse skillset and leadership ensure for award-winning results and memorable impressions.


In 2019, BizBash named Jack one of the top event designers in North America. SXSW awarded his work the “People’s Choice in Innovation” in 2021.

Paul Miller

Chief Marketing Officer

Having served in many executive roles for over 25 years, Paul has a client-side perspective of the corporate events industry. He reaches clients through traditional and digital marketing programs and has a high involvement with technology strategies. In his spare time, he is a principal member of the non-profit Gratitude Network that mentors award-winning social entrepreneurs.

Matt Rulis

VP Of Business Development

Spending the last 15 years in sales, Matt has experience managing marketing strategies, campaigns, and environments for a diverse client base. His relentless tenacity and keen eye for detail shapes the renowned vision he has for client service. He focuses on fostering relationships to uphold XtendLive’s customer satisfaction ratings year-over-year.

Dick Wheeler

Chief Executive Officer

Dick is the CEO of XtendLive. He is an entrepreneur, innovator, and compelling force in the fast-growing virtual event industry. With over 30 years of industry experience, Dick possesses the astute leadership that is a sought-after gold standard in the industry. Under his leadership, the team has generated highly successful events for numerous companies while continuing to drive an imaginative vision for client’s virtual event needs.

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