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Case Study: Logitech’s Global Sales Conference

Logitech is the world’s leading manufacturer of input and interface devices for personal computers and other digital products. The company develops personal peripherals, video communication tools, and computer devices. From their roots in the personal computer industry, they have expanded into diverse applications such as music, gaming, video collaboration, and computing. As a leader in the industry, they strive to focus on innovation and quality to make an impact in people’s everyday lives.

In 2021, the Logitech team was forced to go virtual for their global sales conference. Their main goal was to create an event that was engaging and captivating for their audience of 600 employees. Working closely with the Logitech team, ProGlobalEvents created a three-day event with mixed reality studio elements using XtendLive’s 3D immersive platform. This allowed presenters to work from green screens at home. In addition, a gamification system was created to reward attendee engagement. Through the accumulation of points, branded swag items could be “purchased.” A fun photo booth allowed attendees to add messages and special effects to their portraits, which they could contribute to a composite photo mural of all the attendees. The Logitech brand and associated event messaging was woven into the 3D virtual venue in a striking fashion and left a lasting impression for the attendees and their executive staff, including the CEO and board members.

Design Challenges

With every great event, there are always some challenges to face. Logitech had event requirements that would set the bar to a new high standard for digital conferences. This was not be a run-of-the-mill, webinar-type event. Some of the event requirements included:

  • Create a three-day event with attendees from all around the world and sessions that were convenient for three regions.
  • Accomplish this complex project in a compressed timeline of six weeks.
  • Provide a professionally produced set of live events that included broadcast TV elements, such as placing speakers on a dynamic virtual stage and mixing in their presentation slides. 
  • Manage all the live speakers with virtual green rooms and carefully sequenced remote multi-camera feeds.
  • Blend in Logitech’s excellent live video feeds, such as a discussion between their CEO and Magic Johnson. Also coordinate live entertainment video feeds from Allen Stone and DJ Jazzy Jeff.
  • Add gamification that tracked each user’s engagement and displayed a leaderboard of top scorers. 
  • Integrate Logitech’s training videos and other content, making it all accessible from the 3D venue.
  • Provide a trendy ecommerce swag store for attendees to pick out prizes based on their points.
  • Provide a cool photobooth for attendees to enjoy in the comfort of their homes.
  • Integrate all this into one cohesive virtual platform.


The ProGlobalEvents team worked around the clock to create a three-day global virtual sales conference for Logitech’s attendees from all over the world. A three dimensional virtual conference center was fully customized with branding and event messaging using the XtendLive platform. This included a waterfront outdoor plaza with a stage for the live performance and a lobby with many interactive areas, including a networking lounge, a photo booth, a swag store, and a pitch contest kiosk. In addition, doors leading to four different rooms were accessed from the lobby. The main theater housed the general sessions, a workshop room provided training videos on demand, a different room had wellness training content, and a breakout room had a smaller theater for the regional sessions.

Attendees visually experienced their own first-person journeys, meaning they could walk through the 3D environment and look up, down, and all around. Logitech’s corporate Zoom meeting links were accessible from various places, providing a familiar and secure interface for both presenters and attendees. Different point levels were assigned to agenda sessions, training videos, and participation in other activities. After attending these sessions, watching the videos, and participating in the activities, each user could view their scores and a leaderboard. The points became a currency to exchange for gifts in the branded swag store.


When the event launched, attendees logged in and were greeted with an overview video of the virtual conference area. They found an intuitive interface with glowing stepping stones they followed to reach various points of interest. In addition, there was a quick navigation screen that allowed direct access to the different rooms. While some of the event was on a time schedule, attendees were free to access other video content on demand. 

Attendees were amazed and made comments in the group chat that this was the most fun and engaging virtual event they had ever attended. Similarly, the division VP hosting the event was, in her own words, “blown away” and said the event went way above what she could have imagined for a digital event. The event success was a direct result of the close collaboration between the Logitech event team and the ProGlobalEvents team.

Each user’s engagement was tracked so that the event organizers were provided with a wealth of analytic data. Attendees were competitive in trying to get on the leaderboard, and this drove very high engagement levels. The branded swag items also proved to be a great motivator.

Jason Whitcomb, the head of global events at Logitech’s video collaboration division, stated: “Our attendees were amazed by our virtual global sales conference and the positive feedback was unprecedented. This event definitely set a new standard for future virtual experiences.”

Click the video below for a walk-through of the Logitech event:

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