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Case Study: Rapid Recon

Rapid Recon is a cloud-based workflow software company enabling better collaboration and communications for vehicle reconditioning and sales. The company’s goal is to make dealerships more streamlined and efficient by helping unify departments and vendors. With the team’s extensive background in auto dealership principals, this performance team has acquired over 20,000 monthly users across over 2,000 auto dealerships.

With the ever-changing market of COVID-19, the NADA trade show became a virtual event, and Rapid Recon had to replace their in-person exhibit with an online experience. The team brought in ProGlobalEvents to create an immersive, interactive 3D exhibit and on XtendLive’s platform, capturing the company’s capabilities.

Design Challenges

Since the NADA show was announced as a virtual event with late notice, the ProGlobalEvents team got together with Rapid Recon to brainstorm and quickly put together a stunning virtual exhibit. One of the capabilities that challenged the team was creating separate areas according to the type of attendee. Rapid Recon wanted the experience to have different virtual rooms for current clients and new prospects. In addition, each room needed their own appointment scheduling system and different chat groups.

A long-term design challenge for ProGlobalEvents is adapting the virtual experience to live on the client’s website after the show. The client wants to take advantage of the digital experience and use it for lead generation.

While working through these challenges, the show organizer announced a week prior to the original schedule that the virtual exhibit would be needed four days earlier. This required some rapid acceleration of functional and quality testing to be completed in time.

The Ultimate Solutions

Despite the last-minute change of launch date by the show organizer, the ProGlobalEvents team was able to exceed Rapid Recon’s expectations and deliver a stunning XtendLive virtual platform with lots of information and interactive engagement. The team communicated their progress closely with the client to assure the Rapid Recon team that the early date would be met. The team was also able to create different groups in the chat platform so attendees could schedule appointments and chat with the appropriate Rapid Recon group. The ProGlobalEvents team is continuing to assist Rapid Recon in adding the virtual experience to their new website.

The Rapid Recon virtual exhibit made a big splash at the NADA event. The virtual exhibit had an engaging, immersive experience for the attendees and left a lasting impression on all. Rapid Recon’s director of marketing and sales operations summed it up by saying, “ProGlobal impressed us, and that’s not easy. The pricing was fair; I wouldn’t call them cheap, but you get what you pay for and there was value in every penny spent. You won’t be sorry you trusted ProGlobal with your business.”

Take your virtual event to the next level and Go Beyond

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