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XtendLive Becomes the New Name for BeyondLive

Fremont, CA – February 28, 2023 – Effective today, XtendLive will become the new company name for BeyondLive, a leading digital experience platform for corporate clients that combines 3D immersive visual venues with impromptu private and group discussions.

As the world recovers from the pandemic, it became clear that the company’s mission should embrace both in-person and digital experiences so that companies can EXTEND the reach of their brands. As one of three sister companies that produces corporate events and trade show exhibits, clients working with XtendLive have access to a total solution for both in-person and digital experiences.

Jody Tatro, Chairwoman of XtendLive, explained, “We are more than a conventional virtual events platform provider. We continue to push the boundaries in the technology event space to make it an unparalleled experience for our clients. This rebranding of our vision will help bring our revolutionary ideas to life in a more all-encompassing way. Let’s continue to EXTEND the reach of our brands, together.”

By mid-2023, XtendLive will unveil its new flagship platform that offers unparalleled simplicity and functionality for corporate events teams to create and manage engaging virtual event experiences that boost overall attendance and attendee satisfaction. This exciting new platform provides venue templates to enable event managers to springboard their creativity to easily launch world class virtual or hybrid events. The new product will also address the missing link in virtual events: the ability to easily network with one or more virtual attendees through impromptu “hallway” conversations.

To learn more about how XtendLive can boost knowledge retention and expand personal networks of virtual event attendees, click here.

About XtendLive, Inc.

XtendLive, Inc. develops leading edge digital experience solutions features for corporate clients that combine engaging 3D immersive venues and impromptu discussion. The company builds upon the 30-year heritage of its two Silicon Valley-based sister companies, ProGlobalEvents, a premier experiential marketing company, and ProExhibits, a seasoned producer of exhibits and events. For more information, see

Take your virtual event to the next level and Go Beyond

BeyondLive is now XtendLive.  See our press release here.

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