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Luxury Hotel

Brandable. Scalable. Adaptable.
Host your experience in the lap of luxury: a contemporary hotel setting featuring beautiful wood finishes, gilded geometric accents, and ample opportunities to showcase hip artwork alongside branding. A lobby with bar and lounge areas, exhibit hall, theater-in-the-round, breakout theater, mindfulness area, rooftop terrace, and executive area allow for unique programming throughout.

Take your virtual event to the next level and Go Beyond



Excellent networking and event space. Expansive and flexible enough to accommodate modifications such as adding stage, entertainment at the bar, and multiple networking lounges and/or demo areas.
Mobile Only Users: If you are having trouble launching the 360 experience you can download the Vimeo app in iTunes and then you can view all our 360 Videos here.


Live, simulive, and prerecorded sessions: keynotes, panels, demos, and entertainment.

Exhibit Hall

An infinitely scalable product hub and exhibit hall. Customizable booths for sponsors include a variety of functions: links, downloads, 3D product models, prerecorded videos, live streaming, image galleries, a meeting scheduler, and games, plus live text and video chats.

Rooftop Terrace

A dazzling space for events, networking, and meetings. This can be used as a social lounge, an executive area, or for a VIP bash.

BeyondLive is now XtendLive.  See our press release here.

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