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What Dominated the Virtual Events Industry in 2022? Find Out.

As the utility and popularity of virtual events build, it’s useful to look at what’s going on in the industry and what topics are popular with readers. Our best virtual event blogs of 2022 focus on a wide range of subjects, including brand-building, engagement, virtual event swag, and more.

1. 5 Tech Issues That Can Ruin a Virtual Event and How to Prevent Them

The success of virtual and hybrid events relies heavily on the tech you use to record, broadcast, and host virtual content—not to mention the virtual events platform you choose. In this piece we discuss some of the most common tech issues virtual events encounter. Plus, we have strategies you can use to avoid these issues or minimize their impacts.


2. How to Represent Your Brand in a Virtual Environment–Beyond the Usual

Event branding is just as important for virtual and hybrid events as it is for live ones. But it’s harder to keep online audiences engaged, meaning it’s also more difficult to make a strong branding impact. Read this post to learn more about what makes virtual event branding unique, why you need to go back to first principles, and how to successfully build your virtual event brand.


3. Case Study: Logitech’s Global Sales Conference

It’s both interesting and useful to read case studies and peek behind the scenes of how an event team has put an event together. Evidently, our readers agree! This case study on Logitech’s Global Sales Conference 2021 easily made it into our best virtual event blogs 2022 list. In this case study we discuss how Logitech’s quick pivot from live to virtual for their annual sales conference put our skills to the test. We built a complex three-day event, with professionally produced live components, integrated prerecorded video content, and more, all on a single cohesive virtual platform—in just six weeks.


4. How to Transition Your In-Person Event to a Virtual Event

We’ve all seen how easy it is for carefully laid live event plans to go awry at the last moment. For many organizations, cancellation or postponement was the only solution. But sometimes, there’s an alternative possibility: To turn that live event into a virtual one. Here, we discuss some of the benefits of moving an event online. And, we explain step-by-step how to transform a live event to a virtual one, from publicity to registration, choosing a virtual events platform, and more.


5. Can You Offer Virtual Swag? Yes! 15 Ideas Your Attendees Will Love

Almost everyone loves getting swag, and it’s always been an important part of live events. But how do you give away swag when your event is happening online? In this piece we discuss the essentials of virtual swag, including why swag is still important for virtual events, as well as strategies for delivering swag to virtual attendees. Plus, we include over a dozen ideas for attendee gifts, including branded items, experiential gifts, and digital swag.


6. 10 Tips for an Engaging Virtual Event Presentation

Virtual presentations have been around since the 1990s, but in the last few years they’ve become commonplace in professional spaces. As virtual presentations have gotten more popular, the events industry has learned a lot about what makes them different from their live counterparts. One major feature is that it’s harder to make a connection with an online audience—and therefore harder to keep that audience engaged. In this post we discuss exactly why it’s so hard to make that connection with an online audience. Plus, we have 10 tips to help you improve your performance and connect effectively with both virtual and hybrid audiences.


7. 10 Survey Questions You Should Be Asking Attendees Before Your Virtual Event

For virtual and hybrid events as well as live ones, it’s crucial to know your event audience. What’s the best way to find out what your audience wants? Ask them! In this post we outline the three categories of survey questions and what kinds of information you can get from each. We’ve also compiled a list of 10 essential survey questions designed to help you get quality information from your target audience.


8. 6 Myths and Misconceptions About Virtual Events and Why They’re Better Off Ignored

What kinds of myths and misconceptions have you heard about virtual events? Maybe you’ve heard that they’re too much work for too little reward, that it’s impossible to sustain high engagement levels, or that people don’t want to attend them. If any of the negative things you’ve heard about virtual events have put you off them, you need to read this post! Here, we highlight some of the most pervasive myths about virtual events and explain what the truth about virtual events really is.


9. How to Convince Your Company That a Virtual Event Is the Right Move: Benefits of Virtual & Hybrid Events

Many companies that regularly hold live events could benefit from converting some of those events into virtual or hybrid ones. But for companies that are entrenched in the old ways of doing things, it can be a hard sell to convince management that virtual events are a good prospect. In this post we provide compelling reasons to give virtual events a try. If your company wants to expand its audience, create new revenue streams, develop its reputation, or get to know its audience better, virtual events are a solid strategy that can deliver great results.


10. 6 Ways to Encourage Engagement During Your Virtual Events

Engagement is a hot topic in the world of virtual events and for good reason. It’s notoriously difficult to keep virtual audiences engaged for long periods of time. That leaves virtual event organizers with the hard task of developing strategies that keep attention levels high. Here, we discuss why engagement is important and why it’s so difficult to keep virtual audiences engaged. Plus, we offer six proven strategies to help you keep your audience’s attention and focus during online events.


Happy New Year 2023, from Everyone at XtendLive!

The holiday season is a great time to catch up on reading and make sure you’re on top of trends for the new year. So pour out a cup of hot cocoa, and check out our best virtual event blogs of 2022! We have plenty of informative content planned for the coming year, so make sure to keep us bookmarked in 2023.

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