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brandable. scalable. adaptable.

Host your next experience in a luxurious hotel, on a breathtaking island, in a stand-out expo center, or even a modern spacious convention center. Create a unique cinematic experience for your next event.

luxury hotel

Host your experience in the lap of luxury: a contemporary hotel setting featuring beautiful wood finishes, gilded geometric accents, and ample opportunities to showcase hip artwork alongside branding. A lobby with bar and lounge areas, exhibit hall, theater-in-the-round, breakout theater, mindfulness area, rooftop terrace, and executive area allow for unique programming throughout.

Luxury Hotel


Take a deep breath, kick off your shoes, and immerse yourself in our Virtual Island. Travel from location to location on a chartered sailboat to enjoy the open-air architecture, “floating” breakout sessions, and beachside keynotes. The Island can support everything from registration, exhibits, connected networking, training, product showcases, VIP events, and ahhhhhhhh.

Expo Center

Striking architectural features create stand-out environments for lobby, networking, breakouts, and general sessions. The Expo Hall can be designed for 50 or 100 booths and we can add multiple wings to accommodate your needs.

Expo Center
Convention Center

convention Center

Modern and spacious with an expansive outdoor plaza, flexible lobby and networking areas, general session theater, breakout theater, and workshop, plus a gorgeous expo hall.

Take your virtual event to the next level and Go Beyond

BeyondLive is now XtendLive.  See our press release here.

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