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3D Virtual Studio Production Can Take Your Virtual Event to the Next Level

Virtual events have come lightyears in the last 12 months. The massive increase in demand for these kinds of events played a huge role, and as a result, the technology being adapted for digital environments is also making impressive strides. One piece of tech you need on your radar is 3D virtual studio production, which can be used to create immersive virtual environments.

What Is a 3D Virtual Studio?

In a normal production studio, actors and presenters move around on a physical set, interacting with objects and other people. The 3D virtual studio is both similar and different—similar in that there are people on a set; different in that the set doesn’t actually exist in the real world.

In a 3D virtual studio, people are filmed and inserted in real-time into a three-dimensional virtual world. This completely enhances what the visual production looks like.

What’s particularly amazing is that presenters and speakers can be filmed from anywhere in the world. They’re then inserted into the 3D virtual set in real-time, as though they were actually there. And a 3D virtual studio can do this with multiple people at once, even if they’re in different physical locations.

Virtual studios are often used in film and in music video production to combine real people and objects with CGI backgrounds, in real time. This style of production is coming to the events industry by way of the new focus on virtual events. Now it’s even possible to create 3D environments peopled by live speakers and then insert those environments right into a digital experience.

So It’s Like Virtual Reality, Right? Not Quite.

3D studio tech is similar to virtual reality in that some elements of a production are computer-generated, and some are real. Like virtual reality, 3D virtual studios insert real people into computer-generated backgrounds.

The difference between the two is in how the real world and the virtual world merge. With virtual reality, the speaker dons a headset and is themselves put right into the VR environment. 3D virtual environments are different because the person being filmed isn’t actually in that computer-generated world. Instead, the world of computer-generated imagery is built around them in real-time as filming continues.

What 3D Virtual Studio Production Can Do for Your Virtual Event

This kind of film production is highly technical in comparison to webinars and livestreams. Is it worth it? The short answer is, yes. 3D virtual studio production has huge potential for digital experiences.

One benefit is that 3D computer-generated environments are more interesting and engaging for audiences to look at. In virtual events, audience engagement is one of the most important metrics of success. An engaged audience is one that’s actively viewing and interacting with event content, and absorbing marketing messages. It’s hard to engage viewers online, and visually interesting 3D environments certainly help with this.

3D virtual studios also offer the ability to produce content that looks like broadcast TV. This means content with the kind of high production values most audience members have come to expect. That familiarity helps viewers feel more comfortable and engaged with the content. And that makes them more likely to keep watching.

Then there’s the fact that while the tech may be somewhat complicated, implementation is relatively simple. And the more fuss-free your virtual event tech is, the less likely it is to lead to production issues when cameras are rolling.

Finally, 3D virtual studios don’t require that everyone involved—including those both in front of and behind the camera—be present in the same room. That flexibility is a major advantage in light of the problems that event organizers have faced over the last few years and the overall globalization of the industry.

Pros and Cons of 3D Virtual Studio Production

What are the major benefits of filming in this way? Are there any significant drawbacks?

Benefits of Using a 3D Virtual Studio

At XtendLive, we’ve developed a 3D Virtual Studio setup that’s versatile and well-equipped. You don’t need to go into a physical studio anymore to create professional video content. With our 3D setup, it can all be done virtually, from anywhere in the world.

Be at the forefront of a new trend. With live events still in their relative infancy, event organizers have the chance to get in on a new trend while it’s still fresh. It’s not every day you get this kind of opportunity!

You don’t need a physical studio. In fact, all a presenter needs is themselves, a green screen, and a camera. XtendLive’s 3D virtual studio does all the heavy lifting of inserting the speaker into the virtual environment.

It’s a highly versatile video format. Our 3D virtual studio can…

  • Integrate live and pre-recorded video seamlessly into the same virtual 3D-rendered setting.
  • Put speakers from different locations—even different countries—into the same virtual setting.

You have the ability to produce polished, professional, broadcast-quality content. When shooting live video, you need to have more than one camera if you want a finished product with a multi-camera perspective. The need for multiple cameras, plus people to operate them, means your production costs can add up quickly.

XtendLive’s 3D Virtual Studio makes it easy for you to create that professional-looking content—video with the high production values you need to make your event look polished and engaging. We have a multi-cam setup with a virtual green room, which allows us to create the high-quality content you need, no matter where your presenters are located.

Behind the scenes, it’s a lot like producing broadcast TV. Our staff are on hand to guide each speaker through the process, just like on a live TV show. And the results we offer with our 3D Virtual Studio are right up there with the polish and professionalism of live broadcast TV.

Increase viewer engagement. Some features of the 3D Virtual Studio setup can even help improve audience engagement. For instance, one feature of the virtual studio is the ability to show multiple audience members on screen simultaneously. This is a tactic that many TV shows have employed during the pandemic. Live talk shows now display huge screens featuring dozens of audience members. This mimics the look and feel of a live audience and helps those watching at home to feel that all-important human connection.

We can use that same strategy with our 3D Virtual Studio to create audience montages that help your viewers feel more connected. If your speaker tells a joke on screen, everyone watching can see the audience panel laughing. It all comes together to create that atmosphere of shared humor that makes it all the more enjoyable and engaging.

It’s easy for attendees to experience. With XtendLive’s 3D Virtual Studio, it simply couldn’t be easier to take part. All attendees need to do is log into Zoom to access a 3D virtual presentation and start enjoying engaging, great-looking content.

3D Virtual Studios: The Downsides

There may be additional costs involved. Every aspect of event production involves expense. If you need to purchase extra tech or hire more staff to produce 3D virtual content, it will add to the cost of your event.

The good news is, digital experiences do typically tend to cost less to produce than live ones. If you do incur additional costs producing 3D virtual content, those costs won’t necessarily break your budget.

It does require some tech experience. Setting up a 3D virtual studio definitely isn’t for entry-level techies! Creating this kind of content isn’t as simple as running a basic live video feed. And while equipment needs are fewer than for a full-scale multi-camera production, there’s still a lot of technical work involved. This may be more than a small one- or two-person team can manage, as some production assistance is required to produce 3D virtual video content.

On the plus side? XtendLive’s 3D Virtual Studio is ready to go right now. Our experienced team will help you create amazing content for your next virtual event!

Set the Bar High with 3D Virtual Studio

Every event organizer is continually on the lookout for the next big trend. When you’re lucky enough to get in on the forefront of a popular trend, it can have a huge impact on your visibility and on your bottom line. 3D virtual studio production is looking to be the big thing in virtual events. Why not take this opportunity to give XtendLive a call and learn how our 3D virtual studio can take your event to the next level?

Take your virtual event to the next level and Go Beyond

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